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Environmental Consulting

Environmental consulting is a form of compliance consulting in which the consultant ensures that the client maintains an appropriate measure of compliance with environmental regulations.  While there are many different areas of environmental regulations, Gulf Coast Lakes & Wetlands deals exclusively with regulations tailored to water, wetland habitats, upland habitats, endangered species, and land development.  As such, we can apply for and review your environmental permits and ensure that compliance is maintained and all required protocols are properly followed.  Additionally, we are happy to consult our clients on all questions relating to aquatic, wetland, and upland ecosystems and to recommend solutions and techniques for augmentation and repair.
Some of the consulting topics that we regularly address include:

  1. Fish Stocking and Fish Habitat Creation Solutions
  2. Aeration Planning
  3. Protected/Listed Animal & Plant Location, Identification, and Relocation
  4. Wetland Delineation
  5. Construction Site Management
  6. Exotic Vegetation Control Planning
  7. Wetland/Littoral Placement & Design
  8. Bank Stabilization and Erosion Repair
  9. Environmental Areas Surveying and Re-establishment of Lost Areas
  10. Irrigation Planning



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